Body Balance Massage
In-house and mobile massage


3/20/15 -I have had many massages, student and professional, and Brandi was the most thorough and professional I have ever experienced. She was great and massage was amazing.

3/12/15- Brandi was excellent in both her skills and caring nature. She identified the muscles mainly contributing to my discomfort. I have been given several procedures I can do at home to help.

2/27/15- Brandi was very thorough, she explained her processes very well. I loved the work she did on my legs and glutes! Very applicable as I do jogging and light running. I never had those muscles worked out in that area in such a thorough and caring way. Her technique, check-ins on pressure, and attention to detail were impeccable. Truly enjoyed.

2/5/15- I have had 6 or 7 massages from Brandi and they have all been exceptionally good. She has a great future as a therapist. ~ Bill L.

2/5/15- Really enjoyed my massage! Much needed! It felt great! Very attentive to my needs and  consistent firm pressure! Awesome!

1/15/15- Brandi really worked on all my adhesions today. And the glute work was super helpful.

12/18/14- This was by far one of the best student massages I have received here! Brandi was perfect in both pressure and working out all my "kinks"!

12/4/15- Brandi was excellent, will definitely request her next time! She worked on every area I had tension in and took her time! Perfect! : ) Thank You!!

11/20/14- Massage was very helpful, my left side was very sore and the massage helped.

11/6/14- Brandi was great. I feel so much better. I will definitely come see her again.

10/16/14- Brandi specifically concentrated on my problem areas. I am much more relaxed and neck is less stiff.